Metal detector for home renovation

a professional metal detector

My previous attempt to create woodcrafts was a success and I really enjoyed both the process and the outcome.

Now I’m in something bigger, but I don’t do it alone. My family and a professional builder helps me.

I would like to build another part to my house. We already have the plan for it, and in the garden there is still enough place for it. To be exact I want to do this, because my wife told me 1 month ago that she is pregnant, and for the new-born, I would like to give a separate room.

Before I wanted to start the work, I thought I’ll buy a metal detector just to make sure we won’t dig through a pipe. My friends told me that this is the easiest way.

As I still don’t like to buy any stuff offline, I searched for the term of metal detector, and within 3-5 minutes I already learned a lot about them – just in order to make the best deal. Fortunately, I didn’t even have to use this knowledge because a useful site helped with dozens of metal detector reviews – I picked one from the middle class, that was affordable and had pretty good reviews. I waited until it arrived, fortunately it took only 2 days.

We started the work right after it. We marked up the place, where we would like to build, and I turned on the metal detector. After 3 minutes I already found a spot where the machine beeped frequently, so we marked it. We wanted to dig there first gently, in order to find out what could cause the sign. When we did the first dig, my wife found something metallic. We examined it and it was a hand grenade. A fully operational hand grenade! That was the moment when we called for a demolition expert – we didn’t want to continue the work without a professional help. I sent my family to my wife’s mother – that’s about 5 miles away.

The experts arrived within an hour and they did what they have to. They removed the explosive grenade and examined our whole garden in order to be safe to continue the works.

Now we are already made the base of the new part of the building, and I’m very glad that I bought that metal detector. It saved my family’s  life.